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    LG Artcool Inverter RC Split System


    R18AWN13 - Artcool Inverter RC Split System

    • 5kW/6kW cooling/heating capacity
    • 4-way auto swing
    • Plasmaster auto clean
    • Plasmaster ioniser
    • 3M micro protection filter
    • Energy Rating: 3 stars

    R.T. Edwards Code: ACR18AWN13

    Term Daily Rate Minimum Term &
    Rental Before Upgrade**
    12 months $5.20^ 12 months $1,886.40
    24 months $4.10□ 12 months $1,483.80
    36 months $3.45# 12 months $1,253.40
    42 months $3.30∞ 18 months $1,801.80
    48 months $2.80◇ 30 months $2,509.50
    60 months $2.50† 36 months $2,707.20

    Terms & Conditions Apply

    PERFORMANCE Cooling Capacity (Rating) 5.00 kW
    Heating Capacity (Rating) 6.00 kW
    Power Input Cooling: 900W, Heating: 980W
    Rated Running Current Cooling: 6.3A, Heating: 6.9A
    Maximum Running Current Cooling: 7.8A, Heating: 9.4A
    AEER Cooling 3.58 W/W
    ACOP Heating 3.87 W/W
    Air Flow Rate (Indoor, Max) 316 l/sec
    Indoor Noise (dB(A) ± 3) (Sound Pressure Level¹) (H/L) 42 / 35
    Outdoor Noise (dB(A) ± 3) (Sound Pressure Level¹) (H/L) 51
    Sleep Mode Noise (dB(A) ± 3) (Sound Pressure Level¹) (H/L) 29
    Moisture Removal (l/h) 2
    OTHER FEATURES Plasmaster Air Purifying System Yes
    Deodorising Filter Yes
    Allergy Reduction Filter Yes
    Powerful Air Throw Yes
    Auto Cleaning Yes
    Auto Changeover Yes
    Jet Cool / Jet Heat Yes
    Natural Wind by CHAOS Swing Yes
    Auto Swing Yes(4-way)
    Wireless Remote Control Yes(Luminous)
    Sleep Mode Yes
    Dehumidification Mode Yes
    24-hour On / Off Timer Yes
    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Wifi Dongle for Smart Control Yes(PCRCUDT2)
    Wired Remote Controller Yes
    Dry Contact Yes
    TECHNICAL Refrigerant Charge (R410A) at 7.5m 1000 g
    Pipe Run (Min / Max) 2.3 m / 20 m
    Circuit Breaker Size 240 Volt 15 Amps
    Additional Refrigerant (g/meter) 20
    Demand Response Enabling Device (DRED) Yes
    Operating Range (Outdoor) Cooling -10 ~ 48°C, Heating -15 ~ 24°C
    Service Valve (Ø) Liquid mm 6.35 (1/4), Gas mm 9.52 (3/8)
    Outdoor Sound Power Level² (SWL) 65 dB(A)
    ENERGY CONSUMPTION Energy Rating (Heating) 3 Stars
    Energy Rating (Cooling) 2.5 Stars
    Dimensions Indoor 885 x 210 x 285mm
    Outdoor 870 x 320 x 655mm
    Weight 15kg / 44kg

    † Rental rate is based on 60 months rental. ◇ Rental rate is based on 48 months rental. ∞ Rental rate is based on 42 months rental. # Rental rate is based on 36 months rental. □ Rental rate is based on 24 months rental. ^ Rental rate is based on 12 months rental. ** Refers to the minimum rental payable before the goods can be upgraded. After goods have been rented for the minimum term they can be upgraded for different goods, at which time a new rental agreement for the upgraded goods will commence. Terms & Conditions Apply

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