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Tips For Redecorating On A Budget

There's no better time than now to create fresh, new living spaces for you and your family. Here’s some expert tips on updating your furnishing and décor on a budget.

Lounge rooms are among the most used spaces in the home. Usually at the heart of the house, it’s a room that holds a lot of important moments and treasured memories.

Having a living space that you love feels great, and even gives you an excuse to have friends or family over to show it off.

The first thing to do is take stock of what you have. Is there a favourite piece of furniture? Are there consistent colours or tones? The most cost-effective way to update your space is to work with what you’ve already got.

There may also be things that you could do without. If you’re holding onto odd gifts and things you’ve acquired over the years, ask yourself if they add value to the space or to your life. If the answer to both is no, it’s time to go. You’ll be surprised how much lighter it’ll feel with just a little less ‘stuff’.

Once you’ve prepared the space, try one or two of these simple upgrades to make your home feel a little more ‘you’.

1. Replace the small things

Changing the little furnishings is one of the least expensive options for refreshing the look of the room. You may be surprised how different the space can look after rethinking the contents of shelves and tables.

A handy trick here can be to swap décor items from other rooms to give each room a new feel. Collect everything on the dining table, and find new homes for each item throughout the house. This can also bring your attention back to pieces of art, photos, or knick-knacks that you may have forgotten about.

Of course, picking up a few new things will also help achieve a new look. Replace tired-looking cushions or faded throw rugs for an instantly-updated feel. Pick up some picture frames and get some new photos printed to brighten up the walls.

2. Get rid of the shabby

When your furniture sees a lot of life and activity, it does wear out. Couch fabric thins and stains, and items made from timber or laminate collect chips and scratches. It’s an inevitable part of busy family life.

Replacing some of the well-loved items in your space can bring new life to the house.

Fortunately, there are more ways than ever to go about replacing the items that are a little worse for wear. Retailers are offering plenty of different ways to shop, that can help you spread out the cost of replacement items over time.

3. Change the surfaces

While your big furniture items often seem like the largest part of the room, they’re not. The walls and floor of the room itself are the largest surfaces, and are the backdrop of the space.

Ways to refresh the big surfaces of the room can range from getting a new wall hanging, to completely repainting the walls and resurfacing the floor.

One of the best ways to go about this is to invest in a new rug, or replace the blinds. This changes the aesthetic of the space, and is a cost-effective way of creating the illusion of a refreshed and renewed room.

4. Invest in a ‘statement’ piece

Good statement pieces are items of furniture or décor that stand out from the rest of the room. If everything else in the room is a dark tone, opt for a pop of bright white or vibrant colour. The piece becomes the visual feature of the living space, and the first thing people see when they walk in.

Finding a statement piece is a particularly good choice if an item of your furniture is due to be replaced – something like a coffee table makes an excellent statement, drawing focus to the centre of the room. Alternatively, you could make a statement with an impressive new TV.

Statement pieces don’t have to be expensive, they just need to be something you love the look of. Retailers like RT Edwards can help you with flexible ways to buy what you love. 

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